Reno's only free Day Treatment for children who have been victimized


Conscious Discipline, an evidence based and trauma informed system to help children build connection, as well as learn safe behavior and problem solving 


Access to early childhood trauma informed individual or family therapy, speech therapy and/or occupational therapy.


The ability to attend session 4 days a week, with all necessities (food and clothing) provided free of charge


Tools and resources provided by a specialized staff, in order to encourage success in their other environments

Project safe and growing

We need support from the Northern Nevada community to stay open

If you would like to donate by mail

please make your check out to:

Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Task Force

PO Box 6274

Reno, NV 89513

Project Safe and Growing is a therapeutic day treatment program, that serves local children ages 3 to 6 who have been identified as victims of crime. At PS&G children receive a safe environment to heal from their trauma with support from a highly trained staff. 

Project Safe and Growing is free for all children and families are never turned away due to inability to pay. Children in our program receive:


39% of abused children in Nevada are 3 years or younger, which is higher than the national average of 35% in the same age group.

In 2016 Nevada had 13 child fatalities, a rate of 1.92 deaths per 100,000 children

In 2017, there were 4,859 victims of abuse or neglect in Nevada, a rate of 7.1 per 1,000 children

Of these children in 2017, 82.7% were neglected, 21.9% were physically abused, and 5.2% were sexually abused

If you suspect child abuse, neglect or exploitation is occurring please call 1 (833)-900-7233

If you would like to donate by mail

please make your check out to:

Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Task Force

PO Box 6274

Reno, NV 89513

Community Outreach

A Special Thank You...

To Mercedes-Benz of Reno and United Federal Credit Union for helping to provide transportation for the children of Project Safe and Growing. Thank you so much!

Annual Conference

The Annual C.A.N. Prevent/Child Safety Conference is designated to bring top rated speakers to our community to address critical issues in and around the topic of child abuse and neglect.

Reno Kids Kite Festival

The Reno Kids Kite Festival is a joyous, fun, family oriented event that helps build awareness for child abuse prevention. C.A.N. Prevent partners each year with the Reno Media Group to bring the event to our community.

Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence: A Conversation with Lori Poland 

This year, Lori Poland, the Executive Director of EndCAN shared her story virtually with community steak holders, professionals and those who are invested in ending child abuse and neglect. 

Project Safe & Growing

A day treatment program for children ages 3-6 who have been identified as victims of crime. Project Safe & Growing is funded through the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA).

KNJ Awards

The Kristine Nagy-Johnson (KNJ) Awards acknowledge the efforts of community members who go above and beyond the call of duty to stop the cycle of child abuse.

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