Community Outreach

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill

A Special Thank You..

To Mercedes-Benz of Reno and United Federal Credit Union for helping to provide transportation for the children of Project Safe and Growing. Thank you so much! 

Reno Races

In 2021 and 2022, we partnered with Reno Races for their annual Reno River Run and Reno Run 4 Love races. Part of the registration proceeds and all of the retro Reno Races t-shirt sales went to our organization. We cheered the racers on at both of the events and led the 3 mile Aid Station! Thank you so much to Reno Races for helping us!

Breaking the Silence: A Conversation With Lori Poland

In 2020, Lori Poland, the Executive Director and Co-founder of The National Foundation to End Child Abuse and Neglect (EndCAN), shared her personal story virtually and discussed how she went from surviving to thriving. Lori’s story began at 36 months of age when she was abducted from her childhood home, sexually and physically abused, then left for dead in the pit of a 15 foot deep outhouse toilet. Lori’s trauma exposure carried on throughout her life, and to this day she continues to grow, heal, share and love. She has been on a life-long mission to better the world with her motivation, humor, stories and triumphs.


Lori is a mental health therapist and provides a new outlook for trauma, resiliency, and hope. She holds a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and has extensive training in child & adolescent therapy, marriage and family therapy, infant mental health, attachment and Rapid Resolution Therapy. Lori has been a motivational speaker for 24 years, traveling across the country to share her story and uplift her audiences with messages of hope.

In this powerful session, Lori addressed steps that professionals can take to prevent maltreatment and how to partner with local agencies to improve outcomes for children who have experienced maltreatment.

KNJ Awards


Kristine Nagy-Johnson was a visionary and hero in our community in the arena of child abuse prevention.  She passionately advocated for children and in her honor, C.A.N. Prevent created the annual Kristine Nagy-Johnson Awards to acknowledge the efforts of community members who went above and beyond the call of duty to stop the cycle of child abuse.  People are nominated in the categories of individual performance in foster care, victim advocacy, counseling, social work, support services, law enforcement, community outreach and education, early childhood education, youth performance, post humous award, as well as outstanding program, media contribution and finally, the prestigious Donna Legg Recognition Award.  The nominations are then voted on by a panel of  non-partial judges.  Throughout the years, this award ceremony has been well attended and the awards well received.

To view past KNJ Award winners click here.

CAN Prevent/Child Safety Annual Conference


This annual conference is designed to bring top rated speakers to our community to address critical issues in and around the topic of child abuse and neglect. Attendees for the conference are teachers, counselors, social workers, nurses, family court judges, peace officers and advocates for children, who receive much needed training and continuing education credits for attending and participating in pre and post testing requirements.  The conference attracts over 200 registrants each year and has become a highly regarded educational opportunity for people in our community.

Reno Kids Kite Festival


The Reno Kids Kite Festival is a joyous, fun, family oriented event that helps build awareness for child abuse prevention without being sad.  Thousands of folks participated in the 2012 Kite Festival  and the first 300 children at Rancho San Rafael Park received a free kite to fly.  Parents and children enjoyed kite flying together as well as food and family oriented vendors and activities throughout the park. C.A.N. Prevent partnered with Reno Media Group to bring the event to our community.  The Reno Kids Kite Festival serves as one of our fundraising events for the year with proceeds going to C.A.N. Prevent’s Project Safe and Growing and other programs. It also serves as a great way to bring awareness to child abuse and neglect by bringing families together for a day of fun and happiness in one of our area’s most beautiful park settings.